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Kapiti Coast's longest off-road trail opens tomorrow!

The Kapiti Coast’s newest trail opens on Saturday – the 10km northern section of the off-road trail between Peka Peka and Otaki – which completes 35km of shared trail on the Coast.   The full trail from Paekakariki to Otaki has been branded the “Coast35”.

North of Peka Peka, the trail is firm-packed small gravel and rideable on road bikes.  

Whilst the new section closely follows the expressway, it still looks to be interesting, including new bridges, tunnels (with murals), railway crossings, underpasses, stop-banks and lakes.  

The path is shared with walkers, cycles and horses - so the share with care message is important.  When passing, a friendly 'passing on your right' or tinkle of your bell will help prevent giving people or horses a fright.  Dogs are welcome too, but must be on-lead.  

There is a new map of the full route which also details the car-parks, cafes, craft breweries and attractions  on the route. 


Article added: Friday 12 May 2023


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