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A windy ride north this week. The forecast is for it to be dry with strong northwesterly winds, so we'll push north, maybe as far as Waikawa Beach.

We'll head up the old highway to Waikanae, down Te Moana and round to Peka Peka. From there its the usual Te Hapua, Morrison loop amd up to Otaki. From there, it's Otaki Beach, up to the racecouse and over the Waitohu valley rd to Manakau. If people are keen to push the distance closer to 130 k, we'll tack on either Waikawa Beach or North Manakau Rd. Either way, we'll hopefully enjoy a pretty solid tailwind on the way back, taking in the School Rd loop on the way.

Quite a nice ride last week, racing to Hyde Park to farewell the cheese gems (until they reopen in Paraparaumu Beach). The decision to go hard and go early was made, and we stopped at the cafe on the way out rather than on the way back. A decision rewarded by getting first dibs on a fresh batch of cheese gems, ahead of the early morning bunch, who wrongly prioritised riding over scones. I think a weekly race to get to the cafe first could turn into a popular teams event.

This week, coffee most likely at Long Beach.


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