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Here is an online event coming up that some people might be interested in... Here are the details...
Designing low-carbon townships in Kāpiti: What would make active transport modes more attractive to all of us?
A community dialogue on how Active Transport Modes can be made safe, encouraged and widely adopted towards a low-carbon Kāpiti.
About this event
Kāpiti Coast District Council’s draft ‘growth’ strategy envisages up to 30,000 additional people making Kāpiti their home in coming decades.
This creates an urgent demand for affordable housing. But to reduce transport emissions we need to avoid sprawl and to enable people to shift to lower emission forms of transport.
Kāpiti is well-placed, being flat and relatively compact, to develop into a series of well-connected low-carbon active-mode townships.
This event will feature two of New Zealand’s leading urban design and active transport thinkers:
They will share ideas on how to ensure Kāpiti’s future development is on a low-carbon trajectory that protects and makes the most of our wonderful environment and lifestyle.
Participants will have the opportunity to engage with the guest speakers and Kāpiti cycling advocates and share their ideas with the group.

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