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I figure it's time we put some of these BIG DAY OUT rides on again.  And I've had a couple of (I think) cool ideas rattling around for a while - so time to see who's interested in a couple of adventures..

For those that haven't been on one of these rides - the format is simple.   It's not a race.  It's simply a great big adventure on different roads than we're used to.   The ride generally spreads out into several groups - but nobody rides alone.   If it pans out there is a slower group and a faster group - then the slower group leaves first and the faster group 30 mins or so later.   We'll meet up somewhere along the way...  Vans (that we'll hire) will follow the groups and we'll all rendezvous at times and feed ourselves and refill water etc from the vans...   (so you don't need to carry everything on the bike).   And there is no necessity to ride the whole thing.  If you are feeling the pinch - simply get in the van and become part of the support crew.   The main aim of the ride is to have a great weekend sharing each others company and exploring new and interesting parts of the country!   I love these rides...

So what's the cunning plans you ask?? 

I'll tell you...

Big Day Out 7 - Cape Palliser - 9th of September 2017

This is an easier one - as we will start in Kapiti (at a point we'll determine closer to the time - but I'm sure will involve a cafe) and ride over the Aka's and Rimutuka's, then down the Wairarapa and along the stunningly spectacular South Coast to Ngawi - which is the end of the sealed road...  I really think the ride should end with everyone touching the lighthouse at Cape Palliser - and that is another 5km on gravel (sorry Gill) road past the seal colony.

There are 2 options for this one: -

  1. 1. A shorter option that goes around Lake Wairarapa on the Eastern side and measures 144km
  2. 2. The longer option that goes around Lake Wairarapa on the Western side and measures 160km

Depending on how many want to ride this one - we could make it the slower bunch does the shorter distance and the faster bunch does the longer route.  But we'll figure that out as we get an idea of who is riding.   We'll hire vans and take the club trailer to bring people and bikes back.   After we arrive at Cape Palliser we can either opt for very good fish and chips in Ngawi - or head back to the Hotel at Lake Ferry for a meal before heading home..   tired but satisfied after a nice adventure.


Big Day Out 8 (or Big Weekend Out 2) - Coast to Coast from Himitangi to Okitio - 4th November 2017

This is a couple of days of riding.  Perfect as a last big push pre Taupo.   This one will start with an early morning van ride to Himitangi where we'll start with an obligitory dipping of the toes in the Tasman Sea.  We'll then ride to Palmerston North - over the Pahiatua Track - to Pahiatua (oddly enough!).  From there we'll keep heading west to Pogaroa on amazing, quiet country roads, and then from there on to Okitio at the coast (and a 2nd dipping of the toes in ocean...  The Pacific this time!).   

Day 1 - This is a long but spectacular day...  167km in all..

And as fortune would have it - there is a perfect looking shearers shed in Okitio - that's been converted to an accommodation block and can sleep 18-20.   So we'd look at staying the night and then getting in another good ride the next day. 

Day 2  - Shorter but still spectacular ride to Masterton... 124km

The plan would be to stop in Masterton for a meal before heading home in the vans. 


As we always do on these rides - we run them at cost.  So riders need to cover the van costs and petrol costs and (for the 2nd one) accommodation costs.   But it works out cheap with everybody sharing costs.   

And remember - you don't have to ride all of it..   There is absolutely no problems with getting in the van when you've had enough.

The ride is open to club members (it's only $40 for a recreational membership so don't let that stop you) and we don't want people doing their own thing with transport and accommodation (we're all in it together).  A big positive part of these rides is the trip there and back and sharing in each other's company..   (and if people are doing their own thing - it just gets too much to manage - and I'm doing this for fun).


Please comment below or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let me know if you are interested in one or both..   I wanted to get this out with plenty of notice so people can organise their lives :)   Apart from the riders we also will need a couple of support drivers for each..  So please let us know if you can be awesome in that regard :)

Cheers all








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