Here are some more gems I have discovered along the road



  • Sunburn is more of an issue when you have shaved legs.  Go figure.


  • Do not argue road rules with a truck (or with any static structures such as telephone poles or indeed anything that is bigger than you). 


  • Your little $15 light will not be sufficient when it gets dark (get a big powerful light)  Also from the back aim to make yourself comparable to a Christmas tree.


  • Cycling can make you poor (in pocket, but rich in other ways)


  • It never hurts to try to beat the big guns (unless they actually hurt you for doing so).  They will probably enjoy the laugh and the opportunity to coast along behind you for awhile.


  • Punctures suck.  Hoping you never get one is not a good strategy.  It is probably a good idea to practise changing your tyres so that when you do get one you can get back on the road and chasing the bunch again as fast as possible.  Also be very grateful for the poor sods that stop to help you as they will be kissing the bunch goodbye also.


  • Wet roads are slippery roads.  Riding like an osteoporotic Nana (sorry Nana) is sensible and will probably get you down the hill in one piece.  Riding like the road is dry will see you
    •  on the road
    •  in the support wagon


  • The road is hard.  Lycra does not provide any cushioning.  When you hit the road there is no give, although you will end up giving some of your skin to the road.


  • The first thought that flashes through your mind when you crash is “My bike!!”, this is followed closely by “Owwww !!”.  It is probably a good sign if you are more worried about the scratches on your bike rather than on yourself as it means you are still conscious and able to move.  When you can’t focus on the damage to your bike and lycra it may mean things are serious.


  • Never trust anyone who says “this is the last hill”.  There is always another hill. 


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