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The Kapiti Cycling Club aims to be the centre of the cycling community on the Kapiti Coast.  We are dedicated to providing safe cycling opportunities to all age groups and skill levels, not just racing.

We recognise that not everyone wants to take part in events at a regional or national level (thereby requiring both club and a race licence from Cycling NZ), so we have decided to take the initiative and reinstate a Club Only membership option and manage it ourselves.

Below are what we believe are some of the key benefits of Club Only and  Club+licence memberships in our club. The choice is now yours as to what type of membership suits your needs best! 

Common benefits of a KCC Club Only or Club+Licence Membership 

Join as a Club Only Member HERE

Additional benefits of a KCC Club+Licence Membership , an affiliated club to Cycling NZ

Join as a Club+Licence Member HERE

We're passionate about riding bikes - as the above list is testimony to. And we're after your support to make cycling flourish and grow on the coast by joining our club!