Kapiti Cycling Club

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Combined 60/40 and Sub 4.50 groups at the Paekakariki Hill summit.


Sunday Club Rides

There are a few regular Sunday groups affiliated with the club.   Each group has a “Group Leader” to provide assistance and advice.

You don't have to be a member to ride with us, but KCC membership is encouraged, as is participation in the KCC event programme. There is a recreational membership option for those who want to join the club but do not want to partake in racing ($55 per year).  Your membership includes 3rd Party insurance - something we hope you will never need, but it's good to know you are covered!

Details are as follows, with info on how to contact the leader of each group to find out more. Ride details are generally posted on our website News section and Facebook page each week, but just pitching up to the rides at the start time is fine too. We'd love to see you there!

The Yellow Jersey Group (YJG) - meets 8am Farmers (Rimu Rd side of Coastlands) carpark

  • This is the fast pack, largely encompassing A and B grade riders (but not exclusive) wishing to ride challenging routes 90-120+ kms. Many will be focusing on specific events such as K2, sub-4.50 times at Taupo etc.
  • We rotate the leadership of this group ride to ride 
  • Distances and difficulty will vary depending on the time of year
  • They ride at a fast average speed (35-38kph on the flats) with a few sprints, and they are all pretty handy hill climbers. 
  • This is a drop ride, so we recommend you check that you know the route before setting off.
  • Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The KGB (Kapiti Good Bunch) - meets 8.10am Farmers (Rimu Rd side of Coastlands) carpark

  • The KGB's are the result of a 12-week structured training group of the same name (though not limited to the riders who took part in the training).  Sometimes called OGKGB (old guys perhaps??)
  • They ride about 60-80kms at a medium-pace average speed than the YJG (around 27/ish kph on the flat).
  • The pace is most often consistent throughout the ride (with the odd optional sprint) and they make sure they stay together.
  • This group is strong on culture, bunch rotatation and keeping together.   
  • This is a no-drop ride.
  • Leader Greg Overton

12-week Structured Training Group - meets 8am Farmers (Rimu Rd side of Coastlands) carpark

  • From time to time, Club coaches Glynis and Adrian offer a 12-week structured training group.
  • This is designed to take people from total beginner (road bike) to riding progessively longer distances.  
  • Each weekly session focuses on a few specific essential skills, a short practice in the carpark, then heads out for a bunch ride together.
  • There is no age or fitness limit, and this an ideal way to get into, or back into road riding. 
  • The rides are very much about developing good bunch riding and cycle skills, with the added bonus of getting some km's in the legs. 
  • Leaders are Glynis and Adrian.  For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
It’s important to ride with your ability group to prevent groups unduly waiting. Consider other rider’s safety, point out hazards, no overlapping wheels etc. 


Wellington Commuters

There are quite a few people that commute with varying regularity to Wellington and back for work.   There are no organised days or routes - though there are 3 basic routes.   Via State Highway 1 - via Paekakariki Hill, Haywards Hill and the Hutt Valley - and the longer route via the Akatarawas and the Hutt Valley.   SH1 is roughly 50kms - Paekak/Haywards 60km and Akas/Hutt 80km...

There is a an email group set up so people who want to commute can easily share information about teaming up - or road conditions or any discussions pertinent to commuting by bike.

The email to communicate with this sub community of commuters is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you want to be part of this email group just email the group and introduce yourself and ask to be added.


Kapiti Cycling Club on Strava

There is a Kapiti Cycling Club group set up on Strava.   You can see what other club members are up to via this club and if you are a member of this Strava group - your rides will show up on our Strava widget on the front page of this website.

Click HERE to see the details of the club on Strava and please join in if your are a KCC member.   It's great to see what others are up to and helps with the motivation to keep training when you are surrounded by others that are working hard.   

Other Groups

There are loads of riding groups enjoying the beautiful Kapiti Coast each week!!   Recently the club put together a few of the larger bunches into a brochure: https://www.kapiticyclingclub.co.nz/images/docs/docs_for_articles/KapitiCyclingBikeClubsFlyer.pdf

Take a look, and get in touch.  Contact Glynis on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Gary on president@kapiticyclingclub.co.nz