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Resources for the cyclist who loves distance! 


A significant number of cyclists on the Coast are interested in, or actually doing, rides of crazy distance.  If you're one of these people, this web-page is for you.  Our aim is to support Kapiti endurance cyclists.  We also want to do all we can to promote the sport in the Kapiti community.

By endurance cycling, we're thinking of rides longer than 200km.  Apart from that, we're not at all prescriptive.  You could be racing, randonneuring, touring, or just enjoying pleasant long rides with groups of friends.  You could be a roadie or prefer fatter tyres – we're not prejudiced!

But, if you are one of these people, we want this page to be yours!  The aim is to put you in contact with resources and the things happening in our sport.  We also want to harness your energies.  So – please – use the resources, join the support groups, involve yourself in the activities, ask questions, contribute ideas, encourage others, give feedback, and do all you can to promote endurance cycling on the Coast. 

Amanda Ashcroft cracking 2 x the Akatarawa Block! 

The Kapiti endurance cycling scene 

The small scale of the NZ endurance cycling scene means that local cyclists are more involved with wider regional or national events than in developing local ones.  However, there is some local stuff as well and we definitely want to build this up.

Big Days Out.  Not usually over 200km (though some have been), but definitely a way of introducing people to the longer distances.  These are supported, full-day adventure rides put on by the Kapiti Cycling Club, generally on roads that local riders are not used to.  The formula is to ride a good distance, have lunch, and then carry on a shorter distance after lunch.   Two or three tend to be organised each year.  Keep an eye on the Club website!

Club Challenges.  There are several club challenges up for grabs each year that have an endurance element.  These are a great way to tick a challenge off and share your experiences with others - and to gain some great prizes. 

New activities planned.  We would like to start a set of regular activities every 3-4 months, so as to give local endurance riders a chance to ride together and to encourage other locals into the sport.  These could be anything, but currently we are thinking of things such as: 2-3 laps of the Akatarawa Block; and riding through the night.  Watch this space!

Supporting the NZ-wide cycling scene.  Although fast-growing, endurance cycling is still pretty thin on the ground in New Zealand.  So we also need to fully support events outside the Coast, e.g. by getting as many locals to them as possible.

The New Zealand endurance cycling scene

Endurance racing (road).  Some of the well-established cycling events have endurance options.  These include:

  • Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge (late November, Taupo), with 2-lap, 4-lap, and (every two years) 8-lap options 
  • Tour de Manawatu (October/November, Palmerston North), with 2-lap and 3-lap options 
  • The Graperide (March/April, Marlborough), with 2-lap and (sometimes) 5-lap options. 

 End of Lake Taupo 4-lapper

Brevets (road).  Brevets are long-distance, unsupported rides, where cyclists have to pass through specified controls within a prescribed time period.  The Kiwi Randonneurs have a very active schedule of rides across the country throughout the year.  Have a look at their great website.

Brevets (mtb)

  • Kiwi Brevet (January/February, Blenheim), a 1,100 km event with some shorter options. 
  • Tour de Aotearoa (February 2016), a length of NZ, dirt brevet. 

Cycle touring.  Not event-based, less formal, and definitely a great way to see our wonderful countryside!

Support groups

Local, national and international Facebook Groups are great places to build your knowledge and keep in contact with things.  You could always try posting a question.  Use them, especially our own local one!


Here are some good internet sites.  Let us know if you have any others.

Some books (send in details of any books about endurance you found helpful):

Anything on RAAM (Race Across America) is just pure inspiration:

  • RIDE, by Josh Kench (a Wellingtonian and the 1st New Zealander to finish the event), 2012
  • Bicycle Dreams, a video of RAAM
  • Hell on two wheels, a very informative book by Amy Snyder, 2011


Wellington Rider Nick Dunne tackling RAAM

Local rider Nick Dunne tackling RAAM
It's always useful and interesting to follow the blogs of other endurance cyclists.  These give those new to the sport an inkling of what it's like and provide a different perspective for those already active.  A couple of local blogs are those of Stu Downs, who sadly died in 2014, and Andrew Morrison:

Stu Downs on his way to setting the NZ 24 hour distance record at Levin Domain.