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November Climbing Challenge

The November Climbing Challenge to find a Kapiti Cycling Club climbing legend certainly produced some outstanding times, the GOAT (for November at least) was “Fast Man” Antony Nalder tearing up the tarmac on the Mangatuks, Aka’s and Hadfield. Although consistently in second place, Mike Proudfoot proved his climbing mettle with record times for a master’s athlete up all three climbs proving age is no barrier.

The women’s field although depleted was equally impressive with quick times over the three climbs.

A special mention to Adrian and Ted for tackling all three climbs on the tandem, no mean feat considering Ted probably did all the work !!

The climb leaders will be recognised at the KCC AGM/Awards night. Many congratulations to the participants, it is the taking part that makes a club successful. 



Antony Nalder               2.41 mins          16.5kph

Mike Proudfoot             3.19                    11.9kph

Tony Levaggi                3.57                    11.2kph

Lee Pownall                  3.57                    11.2kph

Aka’s TT

Antony Nalder              17.02 mins          21.1kph

Mike Proudfoot             18.56 mins          19.0kph

Lee Pownall                  20.26                  17.6kph

Tony Levaggi                20.39                  17.4 kph


Antony Nalder               5.48 mins          20.2kph

Mike Proudfoot              6.50                  16.4kph

Lee Pownall                   7.43                  15.2kph

Tony Levaggi                 7.52                   14.9 kph

Women Results:


Gill Donald                     11.19                  10.33 kph

Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp    11.36                  10.1 kph                         

Rachael McLeave           12.27                  9.39 kph                                       


Glynis TMK                    5.44                    9.83 kph

Gill Donald                     8.34                    6.5 kph

Rachael Mc                    8.49                    6.39 kph

Aka’s TT

Glynis TMK                    25.31                  14.06 kph

Gill Donald                     28.05                  12.77 kph

Rachael Mc                   35.43                  10.04 kph

NB: If you have any queries on your results or I have inadvertently left you out, please contact me soonest.  Only riders completing all three ascents have been included