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Hi all.

Anyone who can still get on their bike after all the Christmas cheer of the day before, and needs to make room for all the left-overs still to be got through, come along for a festive, relaxed (except for some bits) ride on Boxing Day morning.

Keep your bike (and yourself) decorated if it's already looking great (Steve and Christine I'm thinking of you two), or add some tinsel and bells if you haven't got round to it yet. We'll be a fine sight!

The ride will be on our local roads, mostly flat with a few hilly bits for interest's sake and will most likely be around 50km. There may be some sprint sections but I'll let you know about those on the day (and we'll always regroup). We'll finish, as always, at Long Beach for a coffee and a sit-down, and maybe some cake.

Start: 8.10AM

Where: outside Farmers

Date: 26 December (else it wouldn't be a Boxing Day Tootle, it'd just be a Tootle).

Right now the weather is forecast to be a wee bit ick but I'm sure that particular forecast is wrong and I'm going to hunt down a better one.

See you there


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