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Hi all

How did it get to be week 11 already????

There were a few away last week but we still managed to get in a great ride, with the added bonus of having a couple of more experienced riders with us.  It's always a great opportunity to pick brains - and people are always willing to share what they know or have learned.   Asking questions is one of the best ways to gain knowledge.  There are no silly questions - so fire away.

A very cool thing happened last week. We had an experienced rider join us who is just returning to riding after a year and a half off, and well into the ride she started struggling (that's not the cool thing :)).  Glynis was absolutely happy to ride back with her and said to me that the rest of us should go on and they'll catch up at coffee.  I relayed this information and it was immediately rejected by all. The message was "we'll slow down and all ride together".  What a fantastic, selfless, 'all for one and one for all' attitude.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.  

This week we'll stick to a similar distance.

Start Time8.10AM 

Where:  Farmers, Coastlands, Paraparaumu, off Rimu Rd

Session Chat and Skills Session

Week 11: Bunch Surfing

Some key points we’ll cover are:

  • Knowing when to conserve, and when to spend, energy
  • How to use cunning as well as fitness (sometimes instead of fitness) to negotiate a ride
  • How to read the bunch
  • Developing tactics

Keywords:  Thinking, thinking, thinking

Skills training

We will redo some of the bumping skills (everyone was nervous about aspects of this but all wondered what the big deal was afterward) from last week and we will introduce a couple of drills that have us lifting wheels over things.  Don't worry if you can't do that - we will be lifting over things that you can ride over so there is no consequence if you don't manage on the first attempt.  As always - let's take this on with a sense of play.

The Route This Week

It's a similar route to last week with the added interest of heading up to the ford on Otaki Gorge Road.  Beautiful scenery to take your mind of the fact that we're climbing a little bit.

The essentials are - straight up SH1 all the way to Peka Peka and then our normal route in and out of the highway up to Otaki, but crossing over into Otaki Gorge road before we get to Otaki.  Then it's up the gorge road further than we have been before, up to the ford.  If your tires are getting wet you've gone too far.   Then we get the lovely trending downhill run to School Road and Te Horo.  We'll then shoot straight down SH1 and the expressway, just like last week, ending at Long Beach.


Looks like we get a nice-ish morning on Sunday before showers in the afternoon.

See you all Sunday morning.

Adrian and Glynis

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