Howdy all.

That wraps up the summer series for another year.  We changed the format this time to have it as graded racing with a winner being raced for in each grade.  That was mainly down to the nature of the course we were on - but I think you'll all agree that it was a nice and simple format and made for good racing across the grades.

There were few jostles for the minor placings but no change to the winners of each grade with those people doing enough tonight to keep the top spots.

So well done to Tristan Ratcliff, Harrison Stedman, Shane Griggs and Candice King-Turner who took out their grades respectively and are crowned the Summer Series winners for 2018.

Click HERE to see the overall points standings.

Top spots tonight went to:

A Grade

  1. Tristan Ratcliff
  2. Dwight Garton
  3. Peter Wilkonson
  4. Andrew Anson
  5. Phil Morgan
  6. Lee Pownall
  7. Leon Goodwin

B Grade

  1. James Cummings
  2. Tony Levaggi
  3. Harrison Stedman (DNF)
  4. Shane Griggs (DNF)
  5. Grace Saywell (DNF)

C Grade

  1. Sam Michael
  2. Lisa Horn
  3. John Rowlinson
  4. Des Batten

So that's Tuesday night racing over for this end of the year - it will be on again once daylight savings starts again.  

Can I say a huge thanks to all those that have made the event possible.  I'll start with Andy Ross who's managed all the races except tonight - massive thanks Andy.  To Richard Graham, Dave Downer and Andrew Anson who have towed the trailer when we called for help - wonderful stuff and we are very grateful.  And to our marshals we've had each week.   With special mention to Mick McKelvie who has helped with the course setup and takedown nearly every week this whole Spring/Summer/Autumn season.   We are hugely appreciative of the efforts that you've put in and club spirit you've shown.  And to all the others who have helped when they could - it's been well received this year - all the help we've had - so thank you to everyone. 

But there's plenty coming up for the club.  The Age Group Road Nationals are just around the corner and we have a record 17 entrants in that, which is fantastic.  The Hope Gibbons Team Time Trials are 2 weeks after the Nationals.  And then we'll be into our Winter Series which is usually around July/August).  We are also planning a mid-winter trip to the Avantidrome - where riders can get certified to give the track a go and have a great weekend both road riding (if the weather permits and riding on the world-class track) So keep an eye out for details about that trip which will be fantastic (I've been up and ridden on the Avantidrome - its a trip not to be missed)

Here's a few of us on the velodrome a while back (me, Greg Cundy, Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp, Adam Johnston and Andy Ross)...


Thanks all



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