Howdy all.

It's been another couple of weeks of fantastic racing on the new circuit.  Fun, safe and hard racing across the grades sees us all pushing to new heights.

With one week to go in the series - there is plenty up for the taking in the points.  Click HERE to see the points

We've also had an Olympian and 7 times world Champion inline skater racing with us - freshly back from two amazing fourth place finishes in the ice skating at the Winter Olympics.  Welcome back Peter Michael and it's been amazing to follow your progress at the Olympics and then to have you racing with us has been a joy :)

Instead of me rabbiting on - here's a video I put together while marshalling (There are not many cars!)

Here's the rundown of the winners from the last 2 weeks... (only the top 5 are listed - see the sheet above for all the competitors)....   


D Grade

  1. Candice King-Turner
  2. Emma Wilkinson

C Grade

  1. Shane Griggs
  2. Sam Michael
  3. Russell Hayes

B Grade

  1. Grace Saywell
  2. Ethan Brind
  3. Richard Graham
  4. Ryan Gartner
  5. Tony Levaggi

A Grade

  1. Peter Michael
  2. Peter Wilkinson
  3. Dwight Garton
  4. Dave Downer
  5. Gary Clareburt



D Grade

  1. Candice King-Turner

C Grade

  1. Gill Donald
  2. Lisa Horne
  3. Howard Davies
  4. Des Battern
  5. Mick McKelvie

B Grade

  1. Ethan Brind
  2. Harrison Stedman
  3. James Cummings
  4. Tony Levaggi
  5. Shane Griggs

A Grade

  1. Tristan Ratcliff
  2. Peter Michael
  3. Dwight Garton
  4. Gary Clareburt
  5. Lee Pownall


And here's a great shot of Gary Clareburt leading the A grade out of the turn. 

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