A few big hills last week but perfect conditions for the ride over to Featherston. Hardly any wind, which is a real blessing if you've ever cycled up Rimutaka Hill when it's breezy, warm and nice dry roads. As usual it was the climb up Kaitoke rather than the 'big' hills that put the hurt on. A good workout.

For the next two weeks there won't be a ride plan, so a free ride for those who go to Farmers at 8 o'clock.

This weekend there's the PNP series Rice Mountain Classic race on Saturday and the Laskey's Bush tour on Sunday, so quite a few riders will be away for one of those. A good option for Sunday looks to be joining those leaving Farmers at 7:30 to go over to the Wairarapa to scope out the Nationals/Centre Champs course.

The weekend after, the Wellington Centre Champs road race is on Saturday, and the time trial on Sunday. Good luck to all the Kapiti riders having a crack at those.

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