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Howdy all

The Kapiti Good Bunch that we started way back in February - has been a fantastic success.  It's been a great group of people who've stretched and grown over the period - and they have been a joy to help and show the ropes to - we've really enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm and progress.   We had the slight interruption to our 12-week program with COVID-19 putting things on hold for a while - but we're up and running again - and we have four weeks to go until the KGB riders can graduate and become KGB agents :). 

The lockdown has introduced a whole new bunch of people to riding - and let others rediscover the joys of cycling.   So with the success of the KGB's still bubbling away, we’re starting a new group aimed slightly wider - this August. A 12-week program aimed at those people who found or refound cycling during the coronavirus levels.

Please share this amongst your friends and neighbours, and anyone that you know of that might be interested in growing their abilities with us.

Here are the details...


Discovered or rediscovered cycling during coronavirus lockdown?

One of the positive things to come out of this crazy year has been the huge rise in the number of people cycling.   Whether as a safer way to get to work, as a sanity release by getting out of the house for some fresh air and exercise, or just because people rediscovered that joy of exploring and the sheer fun of being a kid on a bike again - , people are riding.

If you've had that spark and want to kindle it to a flame, taking you to new levels of fitness and fun, then read on...

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You've rediscovered the fun of being on a bike and have loved the fitness gain (once you got over the sore bum)
  • You’ve got the basics but want to take it further
  • You want to return to the level of fitness you’ve had in the past (and possibly then some)
  • You think you’ll enjoy belonging to a group that will encourage, motivate, and grow with you?
  • You’re keen to enjoy the confidence and big benefits of riding in a bunch.
  • You don’t have a road bike but are interested in exploring what road riding can offer
  • You want to save time by learning from experienced and qualified coaches.

KGB Skills Crop

This is a 12-week stepped cycling program, aimed at growing your abilities and fitness.

This is NOT a program for ‘guns’ or expert cyclists, nor will it put unrealistic expectations on anyone. When we ran this program previously we aimed it at people with road bikes who could ride between 30 and 50km comfortably and we had a hugely successful group.  This time, with the coronavirus changing all our lives and introducing lots of new and recycled cyclists, - we’re widening our reach and offering the program to two different streams of people.

Two bunches in one...

  1. People with drop bar road bikes who can ride 30-50km.
  2. People with flat bar road bikes (hybrids) or mountain bikes set up for the road, who can ride for an hour and half - to two hours comfortably at a fitness pace and may like to progress to a drop-bar road bike eventually. (we  have nothing against those bikes - we absolutely love mountain biking - we are just aiming this development group at the road - but we don't want to exclude anyone that doesn't have a road bike just yet.  If you haven't experienced a drop bar road bike - they are the fastest - so that's where we're aiming)

Moving to road bikes

If we get plenty of people in both streams - we will split into 2 groups on the road. 

During the 12 weeks you’ll learn, or be refreshed on such things as, what to wear, what essentials to bring on a ride, how to change a tyre, good cycle etiquette, eating and drinking ‘on the move’, and the best coffee places for that all-important post-ride chat.

The rides will start at an easy level of both distance and speed, accommodating all in the group. Over time the distance covered will increase and we’ll learn good bunch-riding skills, while gradually improving fitness and confidence

Once the program is complete riders should feel confident enough to move to one or more of the regular rides happening in the area, which continue all year round.

What’s included:

  • Entry to the 12 weeks of structured group sessions and rides.
  • Weekly progressive skills drills lead by qualified Cycling NZ coaches.
  • Weekly email updates about the upcoming route, with hints and tips included.
  • Membership to Kapiti Cycling Club through to the end of 2020, with access to a full calendar of challenges, events and support that comes with that.


$55 per person to cover the full 12-week program (incredibly good value at just over $4:50 a session).  This fee confers membership of the Kapiti Cycling Club.  The organisers, leaders, and coaches are all members of the Kapiti Cycling Club and give their time and effort entirely voluntarily.


When and Where:

The first session will be Sunday 2 August 2020

The last session will be Sunday 18 October 2020

All 12 weeks will begin outside Farmers at the back of Coastlands, Paraparaumu at 8.10AM. Other regular groups also leave from this point so don’t be concerned if you see some flash gear rolling around; chances are they’re not with your group.

What to bring:

There are all sorts of opinions on ‘the essentials’ to bring on a ride. But if we pare that down to the necessities then you should have the following:

  • A roadworthy bike of one of the varieties listed above
  • A helmet
  • A spare tube or two

Everything else we can cover as we go.

See below for basic details of each week's session

Contact Glynis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about joining the Kapiti Corona Bunch.

How to Join:

Joining is easy - simply do an online transfer to the Cycling Club Bank account 03-0732-0020082-00. Use your name and "KCB" in the reference. And contact Glynis (details above) to let her know you have done so. (if you are already a member of the club then you don't need to do this - just contact Glynis to let her know you want to join the group).


Program for the Kapiti Corona Bunch

At the beginning of each ride, the ride leader will discuss for max 5 minutes the ‘theme of the week’ (see below).

Each ride will build upon things covered previously as well as in distance and time (unless it is the hill-climbing or cornering weeks where we will go out and practice this stuff in the real world)

We will start every session with 20 mins of coach lead - skills work, which will progress as people improve.  

We will finish every ride with a bunch “debrief” at a local café.

KGB Debrief Crop 

Week 1: Welcome

  • Introductions
  • Collect email addresses
  • Explain the route for today (this will happen each week)
  • 1.5 hour ride the first week.
  • Explain the plans for the 12 weeks
  • We all stop when somebody needs/wants to stop (puncture, change clothes etc)
  • Always communicate
  • What kit should you have and do people have? (tube, tyre levers, pump)
  • Pre-ride checks ABC and Q
  • No problem if you miss a week: check with others about the theme you missed
  • Email the coordinators about whatever
  • Keywords.  “Hello, my name is…”   “On time is late”


Week 2: Bunch riding

  • Signals (arm on back, gravel, point out potential hazards, slowing and stopping)
  • At the head of the group, you’re the eyes of the bunch and should initiate calls that get relayed back.
  • Shout ‘clear’ on crossings (if clear) and ‘car back’ when cars want to pass.  But everyone is responsible for themselves, make your own mind up about when it’s safe.
  • Some activities you only do when you’re at the back: nose-blowing or drinking/eating (unless you have that fully under control)
  • When you’re at the back: communicate in time when there is a split in the group: ‘Ease!’
  • Discussion on when to focus your attention.
  • Communicate!  Lots of talking.
  • Keywords: smooth and consistent.


Week 3: Clothing

  • Gloves: padding, nose-wiping, sweaty hands are slippery
  • No underwear: chafing cream
  • Padded shorts (if not all are wearing them already)
  • Close-fitting clothing is a lot more aerodynamic…  Less matches burnt.
  • Comfort is key – try out different kit to find what works
  • KCC kit is wonderful
  • Keywords:  Comfort, and efficiency


Week 4:  Confidence

  • Body language (taking the lane, signaling intentions, holding your line)
  • Communicating: with other riders in your bunch and with car-drivers. Make sure other road-users always know where you’re going.   Acknowledging people positively.
  • Knowing where to brake – especially in the wet.
  • Staying out of the door zone
  • Railway lines and painted lines – crossing at right angles.
  • Keywords:  Positive and confident.


Week 5: Rotating

  • A rotating group maximises efficiency and can travel way faster than an individual.
  • Advantage of drafting
  • Rotating techniques (depends on the wind, importance to ‘wait’ once you’re leading, make it ‘smooth and consistent’)
  • One finger up = single file
  • How to start a rotating paceline from single file (easiest for the 2nd rider to initiate)
  • Don’t go to the front if you are having difficulties keeping up.
  • In the middle is easiest: the front is not drafting, the back is dealing with varying speeds
  • Keywords:  Smoothness and efficiency.


Week 6: The Bike

  • Riding essentials: tube, tyre levers, pump, $10 and ICE-details
  • Simple speedo is fun ($10 at Torpedo 7): distance, average, max speed etc
  • Cleats (show, the advantage of pulling)
  • Lights
  • Cleaning materials available in bike-shops (brushes, soaps, etc)
  • Tyre pressures – different volume tyres.
  • How to change a tyre.
  • Terminology:    
    • Big gear= higher gear = changing up = harder to pedal
    • Small gear= lower gear = changing down = easier to pedal
  • Change gears before you need to, ease on pedal pressure and change one of the levers at one time 
  • Keywords:  Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

 KGB Pause during ride Crop

Week 7: Posture

  • Advantages of a bike-fit (check prices, explain how it works with video, etc)
  • Ride the bike as a jockey rides its horse
  • Sit on your sit bones only, not on the soft tissue
  • Arms are relaxed with elbows bent (shock absorbers)
  • The pedal should be under the ball of your foot
  • Focus on pulling through the bottom of the stroke and up (if you have cleats)
  • Relax your hands and keep shoulders down, aim for a still body. (check seat height if rocking)
  • Keywords:  Comfort and efficiency


Week 8: Cornering Technique

  • Looking where you want to go.
  • Getting set up before the corner
  • Weight on outside foot.
  • Slow speed before higher speed practice.
  • Exaggerate technique to start with.
  • Keywords: “Flow over go”


Week 9: Hill Climb Technique

  • When to stand, when to sit.
  • Hand positions.
  • Relax the upper body.
  • Riding your own pace.
  • Positive mind games that can help
  • Bunch positioning to maximise your chances of staying with the group.
  • Keywords: Ride your own hill

KGB BriefingCrop 

Week 10: Nutrition

  • Eat before you are hungry
  • Drink before you are thirsty
  • Have a nutrition strategy that you’ve tried and know works.
  • Practice nutrition strategies on group rides and find what works for you.
  • Keywords:  Tried and true


Week 11: Bunch Surfing

  • Knowing when to conserve and when to spend energy
  • How to use cunning as well as fitness (sometimes instead of fitness) to negotiate a ride
  • How to read the bunch
  • Developing tactics
  • Keywords:  Thinking, thinking, thinking.


Week 12: What’s next

  • How to continue to grow your abilities?
  • Different training methods
    • Periodised
    • Polarised
  • Joining other groups
  • Recap on what we’ve covered
  • Keywords:  Go forward with confidence




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