Hi folks 

We really, really need your help - have a read of the following and see how you can help at the bottom.   Please take the time to have a good read.   

I'm not sure if people are aware, but we canceled racing on Tuesday night.

We only had 9 people registered to race and in actuality less than that turned up on the night.  

Just to give you an idea of the organisation that goes into a regular Tuesday night event...

  • Greg submits a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for each individual circuit.
  • Once this is approved we have to do a letter drop to any houses affected by our racing.
    • A note is put together detailing the times we will be racing over what period and thanking people for looking out for us.  There are also contact details to me if anyone wants to voice anything (they sometimes do and have to be replied to).
    • In this Peka Peka case -
      • Neil got this note printed and guillotined (it looks very professional)
      • Glynis and I delivered the note to 200 houses on and around the circuit.
  • Glynis asks for marshalls, a manager and people to help with registration.  This is emailed to all members.  An article is also created on the website asking for the same and is publicised via facebook
  • The trailer needs to be reorganised to fit in with the Traffic management plan for the circuit.  Dave will spend time going over the trailer and familiarising himself with the TMP.
  • We produce a calendar item for the website that has the full details of the event.
  • This year we've gone to online entries so an online entry form just for this 4-week event has to be created and syncronised to those that need to see it.
  • The calendar item has to then be publicised which we've done via email and facebook.
  • Gill makes sure that the cash box has a float of $5 notes in it. She then has to get it either to the race manager or myself well before the event start.
  • Once online entries are closed the entries are put in to start sheets and we check against the bank account to verify who's paid.  The sheets are then printed off for registration.
  • During the event
    • We have to have a qualified STMS person oversee things.  It is usually Greg but he is on vacation so Mike, Katie's partner has kindly stepped into this role
    • We have a team of at least 2 people putting out the cones and signs.  This starts 2 hours before the event and doesn't finish till probably an hour after the event.  It's a major job.
    • We have the marshalls as specified in the TMP
    • We have a marshal briefing that aligns with the TMP.
    • We have a race manager who oversees the running of the event.   
    • We have people to register the riders into the event and finalise the start sheets
    • We need people to run a chute to provide the numbers and order of finish so we can sync with the race manager's finish timings.
  •  After the event
    • Someone generates the results which generally takes an evening of work to complete.  Then there is usually back and forwards to make sure it's all exactly as things went down on the day.
    • That has to then be verified by someone else.  
    • A ride report is written and goes out via the website and facebook.
    • The banking of takings has to be accounted for and banked.
    • Often a debrief email goes around the key people making sure we're doing everything we can.

I've probably missed some steps in there.

It's a lot and we've got pretty good at doing all of the above.  The online entries will make life a lot easier for us and streamline this process.  We need to all get our heads around entering and paying online please.  It's not hard and makes life for the event so much easier.  But it also means that we won't run the event if we don't get enough people.  

Which is exactly what we did on Tuesday.  I didn't publicise that we'd canceled as we still went for a group ride with those that did show up and we got in a great ride.  

Online entries will close at 10 pm the night before the event and open for the following week sometime after the event on Tuesday. 

So please help us by:

  1. Entering online (if you absolutely can't due to not having online banking or some other valid reason - that's fine - let us know by phone, text or email, and we can make an exception)   
  2. Answering the call for marshals that went out.  We've asked for marshals for just this 4-week block - and we won't be asking specifically for marshalls again till the end of January... Part of being in the club is helping run a safe event and that means marshaling.   It's not a big ask to give up one week of riding.   We asked for 4 weeks of marshalls and we've had 3 offers so far.
  3. Have a think about helping to manage a race and then managing a race yourself.  The more we can spread this load the better.
  4. Help us all by attending and encouraging others to attend.  
  5. Breathe...  ;)
  6. Smile
  7. Laugh
  8. Get stronger by entering events that push you and challenge you.

Thanks all 

I hope to see more of you next Tuesday.   



PS.  If you entered online last week - thanks - your entry will roll over to the next event you enter.





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