Wellington Centre Road Championships April 13th to 14th 2019

Kapiti Coast Cycling Club is hosting this year’s Wellington Centre Road Championships in the Wairarapa. The two days of competitive cycling provide an opportunity for line honours within respective age groups for Wellington Centre riders.  The 2019 Centre Champs are aligned as closely as possible to the 2019 Age Group Road Nationals and in accordance with CNZ Road and Track regulations.  The distances have been determined that will benefit all club riders and age groups in the centre.

Start lists will be posted on Thursday 11th April 2019



Age Category


Start Time

Saturday 13 April

Sign On 7.30 to 8.30




U11/13 Boys


0900 hrs


U11/13 Girls


Refer to start list


U15/17 Boys


Refer to start list


U15/17 Girls


Refer to start list


U19 Women


Refer to start list


Masters Women 9,8,7,6,5,4


Refer to start list


Masters Men 9,8,7,6


Refer to start list


Masters 3,2,1, Women


Refer to start list


Masters Men 5,4,3,2,1


Refer to start list


U19 Men


Refer to start list


U23 Women


Refer to start list


Senior Women


Refer to start list


U23 Men


Refer to start list


Senior Men


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Sunday 14 April

Sign on 7.00 to 8.00


U19/23 & Senior Men


0830 hrs


Masters Men 1,2,3


0840 hrs


Masters Men 4


0850 hrs


Masters Men 5,6


0900 hrs


U17 Boys U19/23 Women Masters Women 1,2


0910 hrs


U15 Boys & Girls U17 Girls


0920 hrs


Masters Women 3,4,5,6 Masters Men 8/9


0930 hrs


U11/13 Boys & U11/13 Girls


0940 hrs

Centre Champs Information Sheet

Kapiti Coast Cycling Club as the host for the Centre Road Championship are looking forward to providing safe and competitive courses. The two days of competition will an opportunity for riders to compete against other Wellington Centre members for line honours within respective age groups. Although all measures to provide a safe and enjoyable racing environment over the two days of competition have been put in place the onus is on you, the individual competitor, to ensure a safe and successful weekend for fellow competitors, yourself and numerous volunteers who have given up their time to manage the race.  Please note that the Race Programme and start groups for the weekend have been updated. 


13 April: Individual Time Trial (ITT) – Based out of Katutura School with two courses based on age

  • 25km
  • 17.5km

14 April: Four course options (anti-clockwise) based on age groups.  Start/finish in Martinborough with the exception of the 24km course.         

  • 115km (Martinborough – Gladstone – Martinborough – Millars Rd – Martinborough)
  • 66km (Martinborough – Gladstone – Martinborough)
  • 48km (Martinborough – Millars Rd – Martinborough)
  • 24km (Parkvale Hall - Martinborough)

Competitors Checklist and Responsibilities (Please Note)

Course Maps NB: Rider Responsibility: It is the rider’s responsibility to know the course they are riding before each race.  Kapiti Coast Cycling Club will have marshals at key intersections.  Where there are no marshals, the course will be appropriately sign posted.  Links to each course as follows:

25km Individual Time Trial           https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29487379

17.5km Individual Time Trial          https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29487444

115km Road Race                       https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29487934

66km Road Race                         https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29487536

48km Road Race                         https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29487484

23km Road Race                        https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29487305

Registration Locations

ITT – Kahutara School - Open at 7am. collect numbers and timing tags. All riders must sign on

Road Event – Martinborough School - Open at 7.30, collect numbers and timing tags. All riders must sign on


  • The event is open to Wellington Centre Club Riders only.
  • You must produce your 2019 Cycling New Zealand Youth/Adult Licence (or CNZ receipt) at registration for each race you have entered before a number will be issued to you. No Licence no number.
  • A new number will be allocated for each race event.
  • You will be required to sign on when you receive your number and timing tag. By Signing participants are agreeing to the race terms and conditions.  In Particular this means, abiding by the race rules and instructions of race organisers.  It also means that riders agree that they participate at their own risk and indemnify the club in the case of accident or injury.
  • No late, or on the day entries, entries close on Wednesday 10th April at 5pm

Display of Race Numbers

Race numbers are to be placed on the left-hand side of the rider’s jersey.  Failure to do so may result in your finishing time not being recorded.  Course Maps:  It is your responsibility to know the course you are riding before each race.  Kapiti Coast Cycling Club will have marshals at key controlled intersections.  Where there are no marshals, the course will be appropriately sign posted.


  • Bicycles including Time Trial Bike setup must conform with current UCI regulations.
  • Helmets must be compliant with appropriate NZ Transport Agency Standards for use on open roads, including those used in the Individual Time Trial and must be worn always when riding your bike.

Start/Finish-line Locations

Individual Time Trial – Kahutara School

Road Event Start/Finish line – Hungarua Rd, Martinborough (NB: U11/13 Boys and Girls start is at Parkvale Hall).  NB: U11/13 riders numbers/timing tags should be uplifted from registration.

Start  line Arrival: Riders must be at the start line at least 10 minutes before their start time.  Failure to do so may result in you missing your race start and race brief.  A race brief will be given to each start group 5 minutes prior to groups start time.

Rules and Regulations

  • Racing will be conducted in accordance with CNZ Road and Track rules for the Wellington Centre Road Champs.
  • As all events take place on open roads, it is a condition of racing that New Zealand traffic regulations are adhered to. It is also mandatory that helmets are worn at any time a rider is on their bike including when warming up on the roads.  Riders must keep left and were marked, must not cross the road centre line at any time.  Any rider who crosses the white line during a race may be disqualified.
  • NB: Competitors is each start group are not permitted to join another start group if dropped from their bunch. Riders who do so will be disqualified.

Finish line

All racing will start and finish in the same location (except U12/13 boys and girls).  When finishing, please note of your finish position.  For the road race, there is parking available at Huangarua Road.  Once your number has been recorded please leave the finish-line area to allow other competitors to finish.

Wellington Centre Medal Awards

  • Podium announcements and medal awards will occur post last race on each day.
  • Podium criteria and medals will be awarded based on the following guideline:

          If there are 3 riders in a race category only a gold medal is awarded.

          4 riders gold and silver

          5 riders or above, gold and silver and bronze are awarded

Entry Fees:  Each individual race entry fee is $35 for events U19 and above. U17 riders and below entry fee is $25.  Internet payment should include your name: 

Kapiti CC: Westpac 03 0732 0020082 000

Entry Details: Click on the following links to enter your respective event:



Road Race


Refreshments:  Refreshments will be available post last race prior to medal awards on Sunday only, there will be water, tea and coffee in the Hall.

Club Apparel:  Riders must wear their respective Club Uniforms


#1 Katie Richards 2019-04-06 17:15
Why is the Women' s M3 course only 48km when we will be racing 63km at Nats?? Can we start in the 66km race please??

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