Howdy all.

Part of the strategic plan is to have more updates from me about goings on in the club.  So this is the 2nd one of many.  

It's always busy on the committee.  We used to meet just once a month and could cover most things in this fashion.  And that's still our aim but we have little separate meeting taking place of subsets of people to cover off what we can't get to in the regular meetings.

So what's of note at the moment?

We have a recreational ride coming up - in the Christmas Cracker ride.   This is a great opportunity to get out and ride some different roads.  Please have a look at the article and get in touch with Eddie if you want to take part.  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

We are going well with progress regarding the multi-purpose sport circuit. There are council hearings coming up on the 6th December and we will be presenting at this hearing which will hopefully ratify the plan for the park.  

Our event calendar is in full swing - though numbers are generally down.  We need more people at events to make them worthwhile.  The people who are coming are getting great benefit.  But we need more people to round out the grades and enable some grades to separate out rather than being combined.

There is a subcommittee in place to organise the Centre Champs next year.  We will be hosting these events based in and around Martinborough.  Greg Cundy is leading this subcommittee ably assisted by Eddie Bright.  Halls are being booked - events firmed up - traffic management being looked at - timing system options investigated - accommodation for the organising crew being investigated (possibility of getting a grant for this).  There is a lot to organise for this so it's great that we've started early.

A meeting is planned for those interested in finding out more about the 2019 (April) Age Group Road Nationals and what's involved in competing there.  There is a meeting set down for Thursday the 22nd for interested riders.  Click HERE to see more details.

A Club BBQ is being planned for after the Taupo Cycle Challenge.  This will be at Dave Downer's batch at Accacia Bay the evening after the event and all will be welcome.   More will follow regarding this.

The November Climbing Challenge as part of the King and Queen of Kapiti is running for this entire month of November.   It's easy - just climb the 3 designated hills and see how you go.  It's good to challenge yourself.  I have "ridden" Hadfield Hill and the Maungatuks with my son Ted on our Tandem - just the Akas to go. (I say "ridden" because Ted weighs around 50kg, the bike weighs another 25kg and then me on top making us close to the 200kg mark with not much power coming out of Ted.  So we rode as far as we could up Hadfield and then I got off and pushed while Ted helped me by pedalling... So he's pedalled the entire thing :))   To find out how to get into this click HERE.


And the Club and Full Gas Crew challenges are underway.  Unlike virtual badges you get in online cycling apps like Strava and Zwift etc... there are actual physical prizes to be won - just by taking on some challenges. Click HERE for more info

Some rider profile are being worked on - so look out for those coming up...

And last but not least (and not even last really - as this isn't the exhaustive list by any means) Greg and I have a calendar meeting coming up where we will finalise the calendar with full details right through to the end of April.

Plenty going on as usual.

Get into as much as you can handle and stay safe.






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