Howdy all

It's amazing how quick daylight savings rolls around and we're all upping our training and riding activities.  

For me, I've been training on Zwift quite a bit and enjoying that.  But I'm very happy to be emerging from my garage and taking in club events and rides.

We've been busy on the committee setting things up for the spring/summer/autumn of riding.

One of the things we've done is to develop a Strategic and Operational Plan that will be the basis of how we operate through to the AGM next year.  This essentially details what we are aiming at achieving by defining 3 key strategies. And then the operational plan outlines exactly what we are planning on doing to achieve those strategies.  It's been an interesting exercise to step back and take a look at how things are going and what we can do improve.

The 3 key strategies we've landed on this year are:

  1. Grow the club by 25%
  2. Continue to play a key role in the development of a paved cycling circuit.
  3. Well-oiled general running of regular club events and programs

The growth of the club is vitally important so we can continue to put on events and initiatives.  It will also help us all by sharing the volunteer load and most importantly by increasing the motivating factor when you see lots of people improving and performing amazing things.  

You can see the plan by clicking HERE.  It's not completely finalised - and you'll see some things in yellow that we are still defining and working on.  It's also a working document - so it'll change as we tick things of or things change.  But we figured it'd be a good idea to show everyone what we're working on and a little of what we do on the committee.

You'll see that part of it is more updates from me about what's happening.  So this is the first of those :)

Here's a few things from the plan that I'd like to draw your attention to:

There's a couple of cool new initiatives that we are launching.   


King and Queen of Kapiti

Check out the details of those by clicking on the graphics.  They are all about having some fun and getting engaged (and in the case of the Club and Full Gas challenges - earning some kit).  

We've also got some recreational rides in the pipeline with a Christmas Cracker ride in the beautiful Manawatu hinterland in December (details will come out about that shortly).  There is a proper Big Day out planned for the new year also.

The long haul plan for a 3km long multi-purpose paved sports circuit at Otaraua Park continues and progress is good.  The plan we've developed over many years has gone out for public consultation and we asked people a while back to lend their voice to a council survey.  The good news was that they had over 400 responses and the plan was positively received by the majority of people...  Wonderful! They have also had support for the track from CyclingNZ.  On that basis they are recommending the plan of the track as it stands to council with some small tweaks.  Greg and I have a meeting with the council tomorrow to go through what those tweaks are and to look more closely at the design of the track.  Exciting stuff!   It's still going to be a long haul - but significant progress is happening now.

And we are back into full swing on Tuesday nights with events from now on.  The Calendar has been created and ratified right through to the end of the April - but we're just finalising a few things before we start publishing it all (it is there up till Christmas and it's on my to-do list to update it with the full details).

So please start getting involved - we only get out of this what we put in so we want everybody and then some, getting involved.  That's the way we egg each other on to new heights.  It's been fantastic for me to get out on the streets and riding with other people and pushing yourself in an event in totally different ways from training.  And it's been cool to see lots of smiling (if tired) faces after the events with people recounting how they went.  

There are 2 more graded events on the wonderful Nga Manu circuit coming up - we'd love to see a good sized turn out for these and then for the events coming up at Emerald Glen.   Remember it's graded - so you are with similar ability people.

I could go on and on... But I'll leave you with the Strategic and Operational Plan to digest and the new challenges to ponder...  I for one am planning on having a go at Hadfield Hill on November 1st... If I can get up there anyone can.   :)

Cheers all.  I'd love to see you all on Tuesday night.  Stay safe and keep training and riding hard.






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