Lake Wairarapa Challenge 80km

The first of the seasons sportive events was once again held on Sunday 7th October, the 80km event has as always proved popular with Kapiti CC members. This year was no different with seventeen club riders taking to the start line with a number achieving excellent results. Special mention to Katie and Janice 1st and 2nd respectively, excellent rides.  

Wave One:

The club was well represented in the first wave providing three riders under two hours, the fastest time set by Kapiti’s own Flying Kiwi Anthony Nalder. Anthony rode over the hill to the start and back over after the event. Another outstanding performance.

1st Anthony Nalder                                 1.56.03

16th Mike Proudfoot                                1.57.57

22nd Sam King Turner                            1.58.57

31st Gary Clareburt                                 2.03.10

36th Greg Cundy                                      2.11.22

46th Jason Gestro                                    2.16.50

47th Harrison Steadman                          2.16.57

Wave Two:

4th Lee Pownall                                          2.08.41

7th Katie Richards                                      2.08.42              1st Female

20th Janice Hill                                           2.08.44              2nd Female

21st James Cummings                              2.08.44

Wave Three:

6th John Pratt                                              2.20.10

30th Russell Hayes                                     2.28.37

35th Gill Donald                                          2.28.38

51st Des Batten                                          3.00.43 (2 x punctures)

Wave Four:

5th John Barber                                          2.43.56

Eddie Bright                                                2.40.48 (rode in wrong grade, rode with fellow Chuckle Brother JB)

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