Just an update on a few things relating to the website.

Our website is now being hosted by a new provider that should provide a higher level of support than we have previously experienced .The new host has done a great job helping us out a couple of times in recent years to recover our website when the proverbial has hit the fan with the old provider. You should notice no change because of this other than greater reliability of service.

With the change to the new provider, we are getting lots of good ideas on how to protect our site, whilst still using the functionality we want to use to interact with our members. An example of this is the ability for members to post comments on articles posted on the website. We had to turn this off about 2 years ago due to protect the site.. Without this functionality, it is all a bit one way at the moment, with no ability for members to interact with each other regarding the content of the articles. Well, it is up and running again, but is restricted to registered users of the website to avoid undue marketing material from unwanted friends. So, to post comments you will need to login to the website first. You will find the login button at the top of the web page for any article. A bit of a hassle i agree, but with the use of cookies, you should be able to remain logged in to the site and not need to do this every time.

Finally, we are well overdue for for a forced password reset for all users, so next time you try to login you will be forced to reset your password. If you can't remember your username, there is a link to use to be reminded of it.

If you strike any problems with any of this, drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



#1 Adrian McKenzie 2018-08-24 11:16
Thanks Andrew

Great work
#2 Andrew Anson 2018-08-24 11:26
The reset password function will require you to know your current password. If you don't know it or are unsure, then you should use the "Forgot Password" link on the login page

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