Team- here are the provisional results from the Race 2 of the Winter series –

A wonderful day and a great turnout – 74 riders started the racing today (most of you in B grade with 35 starters!)

Thanks to all the Volunteers who gave up their own opportunity to race.  Please remember everyone out there is giving up their time freely to let us have a great racing series.

Matt Webb-Smith backed up last weeks win with a great sprint finish to pip Vaughn Pretorius for the win of A-Grade.  Dylan Simpson held a great line to keep third from Steve Bale and Anthony Nalder.

B-grade sprint finish was taken out by Tristan Ratliffe - leading from the front (looks like a season on the track sprinting team has done its job!!!) with Stephen O’Keefe and Phil Morgan getting 2nd and 3rd respectively – Mark Coburn and Andrew Anson needed a video replay to separate 4th and 5th.

C –grade had the best finish for the spectators, Janice Hill (“fresh” from the hills of Europe) up against last weeks run-away winner Stanley Riddle.  Fighting each other tight to the line- it took another video review to sort that one out as well.  Well done Janice on getting to the line for a well-deserved win.

D- Grade results might need some remedial work as we have a few anomalies with your start time – please comment and let me know and we will sort it out for the official pages. But at this stage it looks like Vicki got away to take the win.

E-grade always gets the best cheer from the spectators and supporters – well done Millie on another well-deserved win. Great to Oscar Goodwin pushing hard right from the start.

Thankfully the timing system played its part - and we have results for most riders ( there are three of you - highlighted in yellow - if you can help me out on where you came that would be brilliant - especially Vicki – as you came in with the A-Grade finishers so your race time might be a little off.)

If you have already pre-registered then it is for the whole series – so we only need new racers to pre-register please.

If you have a horde of timing chips hidden away – please bring them with you and hand them to the timing team at registration.

Again – a wonderful days racing – a great effort from all the crew.  See you all next week for race three.


Race 2 Results