Howdy all.

We've had a very good showing as a club at the Hope Gibbons Team Time Trial event over the last few years.  With our Men's A team winning a few years ago and our Women's A team coming tantalisingly close a few times now.  But also, outside of the fastest teams, we've had a number of teams enjoying the challenge of a teams time trial and having a nice day out in the Wairarapa to boot.  We've definitely been the club with the highest number of teams entered and we make an enjoyable day out of it by stopping on the way home somewhere for a cuppa and a natter.

Racing a team trial for the Wellington Centre Hope Gibbons Shield goes back to 1934 and has a lot of history.  It's an impressive shield.  It has nearly 300 past winners names engraved on individual shields on it.

Traditionally this was a 5 person event - where the riders would time trial as a team and the clock would stop for the 4th rider of the group home.   In recent years. to make the event more accessible, it's dropped down to be 4 person teams with the clock stopping on the 3rd rider home.

The 4 Wellington clubs will put in teams as well as a number of teams from Wellington Schools.

So 3 Separate events....

There is the Hope Gibbons Shield for the fastest team.

The Presidents Cup for Women's teams.

And the Wellington Schools Teams Time Trial Championship.

All riders must come from the same club (and be members of the club)

So - we want to put together men's and women's teams from Kapiti. 

Even if you've never done a TTT before - come and give it a try.   We'll see who we get and select teams so riders of equal ability will ride together.   

The event is on Sunday the 6th of May.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know that you are interested in riding in the Hope Gibbons event.

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