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EDIT: 10% discount off non-branded kit as well!  Once you have ordered your new KCC kit, go to View Cart, then Continue Shopping, and scroll down to see suggested items (some of which are already discounted).  If the item you're looking for isn't there, you can search their site and add it - the discount applies to everything!  Once you add a non-branded item to your cart, enter the Coupon Code KP672, click Apply Coupon and you will see another 10% come off the total!  
Time flies!  It's been four years since we launched our new KCC kit, so its with great pleasure that we declare the 2021 Club Kit shop officially open!!  (the last day for orders is Weds 7th July)
click here to go through to the store to start shopping! https://www.tineli.co.nz/order/ktabx/catalog
What's new for 2021?
- A brand new Pro Rain Jacket (unisex)
- Brand new, Pro Elite Bibs (top off the range), in Mens and Women's (* see note below) specific fit - all new chamois and new bib top
- A women's fit Race Vest
- Ability to buy non-branded Tineli kit on the same order
What's not new?
- Amazing quality - testament that so much of the original kit is still going strong!
- 100+ item pricing, even on the new products
- 3 weeks to decide what you need and place your order! We only open the kit store once or twice a year, so don't delay!
- only current members can order Club kit (remember - its only $55 to join, and at our special prices, you will easily make this back!)
- the Club does not generally hold stock, so please order directly from the Tineli store
when you place your order you can choose to have it delivered to your door for $10, or choose to have it delivered to the Club manager and pick up from Paraparaumu Beach for free. 
Non-Kit Items
Once you have selected your KCC items, you will find you can order non-branded kit items, such as plain arm-warmers and thermal winter gloves, as part of your order.  This is a new feature to complement the KCC branded range, and save you freight.  It also supports the special pricing we receive from Tineli. 
* Women's bibs - these are the new design that we let our female members know about a few weeks ago.  These are brand, brand new - in fact, they aren't quite ready yet and we will be the first in the world to have them!  Order with your other items and they will be delivered separately in a few months' time - freight free.  

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