Kapiti Cycling Club

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Kapiti Cycling Club – Spring Series

Race One – Tuesday 29th September 2020 - NGA MANU

The 1st night of the Howard & Co Spring Series held last night on the beautiful Nga Manu course. Congrats to all riders in the inaugural Social Circuit.

Event One – Social Grade  (20mins plus one lap)

1st Howard Duff

2nd Jeff Eaton

3rd Justin Fraser


Serena Scotcher                    (Rider of the Day)

Rob Scotcher

Pete Gibbs

Judith Taylor (1st Women)

Penny Mikkelson


Handicap Race: (20 mins plus one lap)

1st Ryan Tait                                                  A Grade

2nd Katie Richards (1st Women)                 A Grade

3rd Sam Fisher                                               A Grade

4th Gary Clareburt                                        B Grade

5th Leon Goodwin                                        A Grade

6th Triston Ratcliffe                                      B Grade

Millie Donald                                                C Grade               (Rider of the Day)

Greg Overton                                               C Grade

John Rowlinson                                            C Grade

Howard Davies                                             C Grade

Justin Fraser                                                 C Grade

Oscar Goodwin                                            C Grade

Doug Barrett                                                 C Grade

Greg Cundy                                                   C Grade               (Puncture)

Tony Levaggi                                                 B Grade              (Puncture)

Special Thanks to the support Crew:

Gary and Tristan              Course SetUp

Deb / Grace / Howard    Registration and results

Neil                                    Marshal