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Another bluebird day was delivered for the riders who came out today - who would have thought we'd be riding in short-sleeves on the 31st of July? It was great to see even bigger fields today, with truly competitive racing in all grades.

Chapeau to those who rode up from Wellington, raced and rode home! Another good turnout by Manawatu & Wanganui riders too. *Confirmed* results below - if you have any queries, please get in touch. Points table will be updated tomorrow.

** Next week we will be trialling a new timing system, so please allow a few extra minutes for registration. Even if you have pre-reigstered, pre-paid and have a race number, you need to check in please. Nrxt week we will also need to allocate you a timing chip, as this will replace the finishing chute. **

A GRADE Name Place

Peter Mora 1
Josh Courtis 2
Christopher Paul Harris 3
Steve Bale 4
Daniel Shephard 5
David Finley 6
Rob Kilvington 7
Matt Shatland 8
Jack Polley 9
Matt Frecklington 10
Katie Richards 11
Paul Rawlinson 12
Tony Gestro 13
Mark Hussey 14
Thomas Berry 15
Mathew Cryer 16
Mathew Webber 17
Luke McDermott 18
Elliot Robertson19
Callum Kennedy 20
David Weaver 21

B GRADE Name Place
Stephen O'Keefe 1
Chris Sharot 2
Mark Coburn 3
Mike Dunne 4
Yoshi Shinoda 5
Richard Graham 6
Alex Foden 7
Leon Goodwin 8
Rhys Evans 9
Rob Ryan 10
Darren Murdie 11
Kristine Ford 12
Tim Lloyd 13
Nathan Cook 14
Carl Dickeson 15
Matthew Walker 16
James de Hair 17
Gary Clareburt 18
Toshi Yamauchi 19
Tim Mackey 20
Dwight garton 21

C GRADE Name Place
Ian Riddle 1
Oscar Goodwin 2
Chris McBride 3
Jo Neeson 4
Janice Hill 5
Mike Harding 6
Bruce Edgar 7
Steve Nagy 8
Ian Cooke 9
Dave Chandler 10
Millie Donald 11
Ian Gordon 12
Phil Cocker 13
John Pratt 14
Alex Glenn 15
Ian Fraser 16
Hugh Swartbooi 17
Wayne Fage 18

D GRADE Name Place
Robert Scotcher 1
Darryn Cooke 2
Serena Scotcher 3
Dave Downer 4
Jamie Carey 5
Mark Neeson 6
John Rowlinson 7
Francis de Hair 8
Liz Gasson DNF

Des Batten 1
Catherine reid 2
Andrew Lowe 3
Euan Mason 4