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Following on from the success of the Drop of Thanks initiative we've looked for other ways we can positively encourage goodwill between cyclists and other road users.

While the Drop of Thanks project is to thank residents on highly ridden cycling routes.  We wanted to find a way to directly thank other road users or roading contractors for something specific they have done.

So if you have had someone directly look out for your safety?  Someone show courtesy in the best possible way?  

Here's how you can thank them.

You tell us of a special act of courtesy and we'll send a postcard with a note of thanks. 

The photo above is of the first Note of Thanks that we've sent to the local council to thank them for prompt work in fixing a dangerous bit on a local patch of road.  (Greg Cundy noticed this while out riding and notified the council and they took swift action)

This will have to be aimed at businesses and business vehicles as this will be the only way we will know where to send the postcard to..

We are using an online application called Touchnote to send the postcards - which means we can save the template and adjust the message and address - and send with ease - all from behind the computer keyboard.  It's a great application.


Tell us about any acts of courtesy or kindness that deserve a note of thanks.

We need to know:

  • What happened and when - and keep it succinct as there isn't a whole lot of room on the card.
  • The business or organisation to send the card to.
  • Send the info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We'll then put the card together and send it.  We'll also post the card here as a role of honour...

Hopefully the recipients will be very pleasantly surprised (and employers impressed) and this will further build goodwill between cyclists and other road users on the Coast.



3rd August 2015 - The below went to Corson Maize Seed.  A group of us were up in Cambridge for a coaching course and were looked after by a kind person from Corson Seed.   We actually noticed that the general attitude to cyclists in and around Cambridge was really friendly.   People driving past us on country roads - waved at us!


13th August 2015 - A Note of Thanks sent out the the Halls Group.   Glynis was out for a lunch time ride in Wellington with a work mate when they encountered a nice bit of courteous driving from a Halls truck.