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Southward Museum Race 4
Tuesday 13 February 2018, 05:30pm
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Time to race on the exciting Southward Museum Circuit again.


As you can see the course goes anti-clockwise round the museum.  And the road dips down and then up again when around the back - so it's a fantastic course - very safe and a huge amount of fun.

One of the great things about this course is that it's fantastic for watching the races unfold - as the riders come by every few minutes.

I'm sure most will ride there - but for those driving - parking is available inside the circuit.  We will have a marshal by the gate to let you know when you can cross the circuit safely.

The organisation is as follows:

The 5 races at are being run as open days.   Which means you don't have to be a member to have a go.   It's all about trying it out on a nice safe and fun circuit - well away from the roads.

The cost is just $5 per person for the series and capped at $10 for a family.  

Racing will be graded - so people of similar ability starting together and racing each other to the finish.  Only 1 race going on on the circuit at a time.  There will be early races at 5pm for juniors followed by 4 races for adults.  The 

For the seniors - as a guide...  Race 1 is for new riders, beginners and young adults.  Race 2 will be for people who are generally in Limit and Break 4/5 in our regular handicap racing.  Race 2 for Break2/3.  And Race 3 will be for those who are in Scratch and Break normally.

Junior Races - starts at 5:30pm - There will be a couple of junior races in the hour before the adults begin.   The course will be dependant on the numbers and ages of the kids.   If we get a number of kids under 8 we will run a separate race that just takes in the front of the museum.    Older kids will have a race on the full circuit.

Senior Race 1 - Beginners grade- starts at 6pm and will go for 15minutes + 2 laps.  

Senior Race 2 - C grade- starts at 6:20pm and will go for 20minutes + 2 laps.  

Senior Race 3 - B grade - starts at 7:00pm  and will go for - 25 mins + 2 laps.  

Senior Race 4 - A grade - starts at 7:30pm  and will go for - 25 mins + 2 laps.  

So - it'll pay to be well warmed up before your start. (there is plenty of room within the circuit to warm up)

Registration will open at 4:45 pm.

Timing will be done manually and the first 3 across the line will be judged.

Click HERE to see some photos from last years racing at the museum.