Howdy all.

Another scorcher on the coast for Tuesday night's time trial at Waikanae Beach.

Fantastic work by Vaughn Pretorius who broke the 40km/hr mark to take the win.  With a solid showing by TT specialist Gary in 2nd and a great result for Dave Downer who donned the pointy hat to take out 3rd with a very creditable time.

Jon Cox went quicker than a couple of the A graders to take the B grade result (nice work Jon)

And John Rowlinson had an average speed that was nipping at the heels of the tail end B graders to take the C grade win (followed closely by Gill Donald and Howard Davies).

And great to see you back with us Rachael - nice average speed to take D grade.

Aren't Time Trials fun!

This Tuesday is a Teams Time Trial - which is a different kettle of fish entirely.  Teams of 4 taking on the clock.   You can organise your own teams or we can organise teams on the night...   I know there are a number of teams already formed.  I love team time trials because it's about working to squeeze the most out of your group.  

If this isn't your normal thing - give it a go and be part of a team effort.

There will be essentially 2 events to choose from.   A 20km event (2 laps of the Peka Peka course) or a 40km event (4 laps of the Peka Peka course).  

Pre register your team by clicking here

It will be the last night at Peka Peka for the summer (the following week is the hill climb up the Akatarawas).  We are about to publish the calendar for the new year - which will sadly have no Park Ave racing on it (dammit - I just moved to Park Ave!).  The council have made changes to the Park Ave - Te Moana Road intersection that we don't deem safe to race around - so we've had to look elsewhere.  But we've found a couple of places that look really promising.   So as a bit of a summary - we will be back at Southwards in the New Years - and then we'll trial a new circuit that's on some side roads out off the end of Ngarara Road (by Nga Manu Bird Sanctuary).  And we will also squeeze in a couple of races as a trial on a circuit on Emarald Glen road - down by Whareroa Farm/McKays Crossing.   So we have some exciting things to look forward to.

There has been quite a bit going on - and I'll publish a separate article with a bit of an update to keep everyone in the loop with developments...  

Big thanks as always to the crew that puts on the race... Dave Downer, Mick McKelvie and myself set up the course and us 3, along with Dwight Garton and Paul Rawlinson packed everything away.  Massive kudos must also go to Andrew Anson (who was away this week - but normally does the course setup and takedown) and to Tristram Ratcliff who helps with the course takedown each week (as does Mick and Dwight).   Many hands make light work - and it's been hugely appreciated people...  Well done.   And also huge thanks to Nigel Saywell this week - who managed the race.  And last but by no means least - to our wonderful marshals who keep us safe week upon week.  This weeks awesomeness was performed by Paul Rawlinson, Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp, Grace Saywell and Dwight Garton.   (and that's just the people who do the work on the night to pull off an event - there's a whole lot more that goes on behind the scenes to keep things ticking along)

Isn't it wonderful to see Andy Ross's name in the results below...  Very cool that you're able to actually ride an event rather than managing the races as you've been doing so ably for the last wee while.   Humungous thanks Andy.

Anway - enough of my ramblings....   Here's the results.

We would love to see a huge turnout for the TTT on Tuesday - so please make an extra effort to come along and make the work of the people putting on the event even more worthwhile...




TIME TRIAL RESULT SHEET                  
Surname Name Number Distance Age Group Start Time Clock Offset Finish Time Actual Time Speed
Pretorius Vaughn 186 30 A 18:36:30 18:25:00 0:54:58 0:43:28 41.41
Clareburt Gary 184 30 A 18:35:00 18:25:00 0:55:31 0:45:31 39.55
Downer Dave 187 30 A 18:38:00 18:25:00 0:59:05 0:46:05 39.06
Cox Jon 100 30 B 18:37:30 18:25:00 0:59:24 0:46:54 38.38
Ratcliff Tristram 3 30 A 18:36:00 18:25:00 0:58:32 0:47:32 37.87
Pownel Lee 34 30 A 18:38:30 18:25:00 1:01:32 0:48:02 37.47
Morgan Phil 341 30 B 18:40:30 18:25:00 1:04:34 0:49:04 36.68
Cundy Greg 2 30 B 18:41:30 18:25:00 1:05:44 0:49:14 36.56
Levaggi Tony 31 30 B 18:40:00 18:25:00 1:04:48 0:49:48 36.14
Mckenzie Adrian 147 30 B 18:44:00 18:25:00 1:09:39 0:50:39 35.54
Borman Diana 6 30 B 18:41:00 18:25:00 1:07:35 0:51:35 34.89
Rowlinson John 406 20 C 18:48:00 18:25:00 0:57:47 0:34:47 34.50
Donald Gill 429 20 C 18:48:30 18:25:00 0:58:25 0:34:55 34.37
Davies Howard 154 20 C 18:47:30 18:25:00 0:58:08 0:35:38 33.68
Ross Andy 185 20 C 18:39:30 18:25:00 0:50:26 0:35:56 33.40
Mckelvie Mick 12 20 C 18:47:00 18:25:00 0:58:50 0:36:50 32.58
McCleave Rachael 470 20 D 18:30:00 18:25:00 0:45:21 0:40:21 29.74


PS  Don't forget about the Club Christmas BBQ ...   Details HERE 

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