All good things come to an end, and it's that case with your 2017 Club membership and Cycling NZ licence which both expire on 31st December.

Don't just renew through Cycling NZ without considering your options for 2018, as they are different to those for 2017 and you might save yourself some money! The committee recognised that not everyone wants to race at a regional or national level (thereby requiring both club and a race licence from Cycling NZ), so we decided to take the initiative and reinstate a Club only membership option and manage it ourselves. The great news is that the majority of our members will save $55 per annum in 2018, as they will no longer require a Cycling NZ licence to compete in the clubs racing events.

Follow the link below to see what we believe are some of the key benefits of Club only and  Club+licence memberships in our club. The choice is now yours as to what type of membership suits your needs best! 

Benefits of Club or Club+Licence membership of KCC

Membership fees for 2018 are as follows

  • Club Membership only $55.
    • This is $15 higher than last year but this pays for the the club taking out it's own public and statutory liability cover as an alternative to members getting that cover through a Cycling NZ licence. This also includes a $5 increase to cover general insurance increases as our assets were under insured.
  •  Club Membership + Licence through cycling NZ $45 for the club + the appropriate licence fee which is $65 for most = $110
    • This is $5 higher than last year to cover general insurance increases as our assets were under insured. 

Once you have decided which option suits you best, please follow the links below and renew in time for the first race of the New Year on the 9th January, this will be a new location at Emerald Glen and will be a 36km Handicapped Race 

Renew with Club Membership only

Renew with Club+Licence membership

Many thanks to those members who have already renewed




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